My name is

Gregory Stamos

I was born in Preveza  and raised in Athens.After finishing school I worked at the most well known airlines such as British airlines an Gulfair airlines (1983-1988).Then I decided to engage myself in tourism and since then I own this company. All  these years my company collaborates with the best hotels all around Attica (Grande Bretagne, Hilton, Intercontinental) also with banks, embassies, conferences, and many foreign government members.

This is a family business now because my son is involved too .All the vehicles are certified by the Greek authorities and insured so there is any problem during our transfers or our journeys. Our drivers are well trained and have experience about tourism so this is an advantage because they can answer any question and help you whenever you need it.

All our drivers are English speaking so there is no problem in communication. The target of our company is to be safe and comfortable all around Greece and also in the small alleys inside the old city. We ensure you a pleasant transportation according to our experience all these years.